why proats?

There's a lot you can have for breakfast but here's the proats difference.

DIO (Do-It-Ourselves)

Most food companies outsource, we don't. Because when you want it done right, you DIY. From sourcing to manufacturing, we have full control to make changes FAST and deliver a high quality product.

In Small Batches

We make our proats in small batches- quite often (every week) and ship it directly to you. Larger companies tend to have a very complicated and longer supply chain. This leads to product sitting in a warehouse for months, our product is made fresh almost every month.

Nutritious + Freeze Dried

The only oats with 12+ fruits & veggies that are freeze dried. Freeze drying ingredients means- No additives used in the drying process, more nutrients and better natural taste.

No B.S (Not even added sugar)

No fillers, artificial sweeteners, flow agents or other additives. Kept pure, simple & truly all natural. No added sugar either but still sweet- thanks to monkfruit (no erythritol).

Really Exciting

With new flavors rolling out all the time, you’ll actually look forward to breakfast. YOU decide what we create, whether we tweak or ditch a recipe- all through a simple survey.

All in all, if you want that small business pride & care, but a world class breakfast, get proats.

Try the best overnight oats.

We don't play favourites but the proats don't lie. These are our best sellers.

How does this work?

Easy as 1-2-3

Step 1

Add 1/2 cup proats, 1 milk or mylk to a jar or shaker.

Step 2

Shake well, seal & toss into fridge before bed.

Step 3

Eat as-is, grab-and-go or add more fruits, nuts or seeds. Enjoy!

How do proats compare?

Not all breakfasts are created equal.

How JUSTproats compare to other breakfast options
How JUSTproats compare to other breakfast options

the proats premise

Eating Healthy Can be HARD.

Ever thought about what it means to "eat healthy"?
80/20 is a good rule! Eating nutritious foods 80% of the time, while indulging for the remaining 20%

That means...If you can figure out just one healthy meal you can stick to everyday, you're already half way there.

Need one? proats!
Simple and INCREDIBLY delicious.
And ofcourse... healthy.


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