We're SO proud with how this line of powders came about! YOU helped us make these.

Tastefully flavoured, Sweetened to perfection, Naturally delicious and nutritious as ever!

We're starting to get a lot of positive feedback and feel like this line can really put Canada on the map as a world class supplement manufacturer.

Our team's current favourite flavour is mocha mania. If you're not a coffee person, vanilla cream is a safe & delicious bet!


All-In-One Protein & Superfood Blend - Moch Mania

All-In-One - mocha mania

Love child of coffee & chocolate
600 g | 20 servings

All-In-One Protein & Superfood Blend - Strawberry Shortcake

All-In-One - strawberry shortcake

Have your cake & eat it too!
600 g | 20 servings

All-In-One Protein & Superfood Blend - Vanilla Cream

All-In-One - vanilla cream

Taste twin to that tub of ice cream.
600 g | 20 servings

All-In-One Protein & Superfood Blend - Chocolate Dream

All-In-One - chocolate dream

What chocolatey dreams are made of.
600 g | 20 servings

All-In-One Protein & Superfood Blend - Single Serve Bundle

All-In-One - single serve bundle

Try them all, pick your favourite. Shipping Included.
30 g x 4 | 4 single servings

This custom made Stainless Steel push-button insulated protein shaker provides sleek style and ultimate ease. The bottle’s spill-proof locking lid opens and closes with the touch of a button. A flexible, ergonomic carry loop provides a comfortable hold. Double-wall insulated stainless steel keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours.

smoov insulated shaker

Perfect for cold smoothies or shakes on the smoov. 
Holds 24 oz | 700 mL




We're a very small and dedicated company. So we can guarantee you that your voice will be heard. In the same way YOU helped us bring our all-in-one powders to life, YOU can help us improve.

Too sweet? Let us know. Not sweet enough? Let us know. A new flavour idea? Let us know. New ingredients? You get the point...The next batch has your name on it!

We will always strive to bring you the purest plant based supplements without the junk to help make healthy eating fun & easy for YOU, in a way that YOU prefer.

Fill the form our below or email us at info@smoov.ca and a real human will email you a discount code!

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Pink superfood smoothie made using SMOOV's blush blend
Htut enjoying a healthy creation from SMOOV.ca
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