daily routine

Here's our daily regimen of
health & immunity
boosting superfoods:

Green smoothie bowl made using Smoov's green blend. It is thick, vibrant green and topped off with blueberries, pomegranate seeds, mango and decorative grass.

Morning boost

green smoothie

To get a head start to our day, we like to do one of two things, make a green smoothie OR have chocolate-y mood boosting oatmeal. 

We enjoy our green and golden blend in a delicious tropical green smoothie:

○ 1-2 tsp green blend
○ 1 tsp golden blend
○ 1 cup frozen mango
○ 1 small frozen banana
○ 1 cup water or milk

Optional: 1/2 cup pineapple, spinach leaves, apple, tsp of fuel blend to get clean plant-based caffeine for energy & focus for upto 8 hours!

On day's when we want a LOW-SUGAR option, we make our creamy green peanut butter smoothie. Recipe found here. Or ofcourse, our ultimate detox smoothie!

Snack bites made using SMOOV superfood blends



Healthy snacking is key!

We enjoy whipping up some chocolate bliss balls or cashew berry bites! They take a few minutes to make, use only a couple of ingredients and are great to keep around. 

On days where we fall short on time, we’ll sip on berry water (1 tsp berry exotic blend mixed in a glass of water and sweetened with honey) or take Immunity Shots (1 tsp green blend + ½ cup water + fresh lemon juice OR 1 tsp golden blend + ½ cup water- both sweetened with honey).

We also enjoy mixing a tsp of the green, berry exotic or golden blend into a cup of peach yogurt with our festive raspberry chia jam!

evening therapy


To reduce stress and satisfy any lingering cravings, we like to enjoy either a warming spiced fun latte or a decadent euphoric latte in one of two ways:

(*Please note that the cacao found in our euphoric blend is a mild stimulant and we would avoid this drink in the evenings if you have a high sensitivity)

Using Blender: Blend 1 cup oat milk, 1 cup hot water, handful of cashews, handful of pitted dates, 1 tbsp euphoric blend, 1-2 tsp maple syrup.

Blender-free: 1 tbsp euphoric into 1/4 cup boiling water, topped off with 3/4 cup warm oat milk, sweetened with maple syrup 

We also like to prep a yummy breakfast for the next day!

Take your pick:
Chocolate overnight oats
Blue vanilla cinnamon oats
Carrot cake oats

These are just suggestions for starters!

Our customers come up with their own routine as they get familiar with our blends
and experience a host of health benefits. 


A smoothie bowl where the bowl is a coconut shell. It is made with a dash of Smoov's blush blend and thick and creamy in consistency and topped off with sliced strawberries.




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SMOOV.ca Ultimate Health Bundle - Organic, Vegan, Plant-based Superfoods for Health & Immunity

green blend: A handful of fresh greens in every spoonful to help flush toxins and boost health and immunity

berry exotic blend: Antioxidants from the mos nutritious cold-dried fruits to help manage stress and aging

golden blend: Vitamin A and C packed to help build and improve immune system function

euphoric blend: A healthy way to satisfy cravings and boost mood instantly!

fuel blend: Powerful superfoods for Clean Energy & Focus for upto 8 hours- no crashes or jitters!

blush blend: A healthy way to satisfy that sweet tooth and get in a wide range of antioxidants to support heart health and collagen production for Healthy Skin and Hair

wave blend: Pure Vibrant Foods to Refresh Energy Levels, boost immunity and aid in digestion