daily routine

Here's our daily regimen of
health & immunity
boosting superfoods this fall/winter 2022 season:

Morning boost

green smoothie & breakfast

To get a head start to our day, we like to do one of two things, make a green smoothie OR have chocolate-y mood boosting oatmeal. 

We enjoy our green blend in a delicious warming green smoothie:

🍃 1/2 cup frozen spinach
🍐 1 fresh pear
🍌 1 fresh banana
🌶️ 1 tbsp chopped ginger
🥄 1 tsp green blend
💧 1 cup water

Or if we're looking to reset our bodies, we make our ultimate detox smoothie!

Our proats (noun: high protein oats) are as simple and delicious as they come:

🌱 1/2 cup oats
💪 2 tbsp chocolate dream or mocha mania all-in-one blend
🌱 1 tbsp chia seeds
🥛 3/4 to 1 cup plant milk

Directions: Add all ingredients to a jar. Shake well and refridgerate for atleast 30 mins. 



Healthy snacking is key!

We enjoy whipping up some green choco truffle bites or cashew berry bites! They take a few minutes to make, use only a couple of ingredients and are great to keep around. 

On days where we fall short on time, we’ll sip on berry water (1 tsp berry exotic blend mixed in a small glass of water) or take Immunity Shots (1 tsp green blend + ½ cup water + fresh lemon juice OR 1 tsp golden blend + ½ cup water).

We also enjoy mixing a tsp of the green, berry exotic or golden blend into a cup of peach yogurt with our festive raspberry chia jam!

evening therapy


We like to wind down with a spiced wave latte or a decadent holiday hot chocolate!

(*Please note that the cacao found in our euphoric blend is a mild stimulant and we would avoid this drink in the evenings if you have a high sensitivity)

Didn't eat enough throughout the day? Those pesky cravings might come on- try a smoov all-in-one shake - 2 tbsp in a cup of plant milk and shake or froth using mixer! They've got protein and healthy fats to keep you full along with plenty of vitamins & minerals from freeze dried fruits & veggies.