Basic Preventative Measures against Coronavirus and Other Diseases

1. Social Distancing

A form of quarantine where you should try your best to stay at home. It helps:

⛓️ Interrupt human-to-human transmission chains

🤝 Prevent further spread

📉 Reduce intensity of the epidemic and slow down the increase in cases

Check out this visual representation of how 'social distancing' can help slow the spread:

2. Regularly wash your hands, especially when you:

🤧 Blow your nose, cough or sneeze

🚌 Use public transport

💵 Handle money, animals or garbage

⛪ Visit markets or places of worship

😷 Care for a sick person

🥣 Before You Eat

🚽 Use the toilet or change babies' diapers

🧐 Notice your hands are visibly dirty

🏙️ Visit any public spaces

✋ Touch any public surfaces

3. Eat Right

As we know, at a time like this- there are a lot of things that are out of our control. But one thing we can still control is our health and ensuring that our immune system is at the top of its game. A huge part of this is done by taking care of our body through what we eat. It's important that we eat a lot of micronutrients now and superfoods can really help you do that.

Our amazing health and immunity bundles have everything you need. Here are the stars of those bundles:

🌿 Our green blend: Has all essential nutrients and helps you up your intake of greens

🍓 Our berry exotic blend: High in Vitamin C and other antioxidants to help your body de-stress (Because stress can lead to compromised immune function)

🌟 Our golden blend: High in Vitamins A & C to help prevent and fight any infections


REMEMBER, Stay calm, stay home and stay healthy! 💪🏠

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