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High Protein Vanilla Iced Coffee

A refreshing + Nutritious Drink recipe

SMOOV high protein iced coffee

☕️If you're an iced coffee lover, drop everything you're doing and say hello to your new morning drink. It's high in protein and healthy fats and got plenty of vitamins and minerals from fruits & veggies (you heard right!)😱

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1 Serving

☕️ 1/2 cup black coffee
🥛 1/2 cup sweetened original almond milk
🌱 1/2 pack smoov all-in-one vanilla (~15g or 2 tbsp)
🧊 Handful of ice


1. Pour black coffee over ice in glass.

2. Pour milk in a separate glass, add smoov all in one vanilla powder. Mix using frother.

3. Pour vanilla protein mixture over black coffee and ice.

4. Enjoy this smoov, creamy and delicious high protein iced #coffee! Cheers.

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