spinach mango smoothie

Just pure goodness, green smoothie without the green taste!

Smoov green blend in green smoothie  for vitaminsSmoov green blend in green smoothie  for vitamins

Kickstart your health and boost your immune system with this delicious green smoothie!
Delicious, super easy to make and packed with vitamins. 



○ 1 tsp green blend
○ 1 cup frozen mango chunks
○ 1 cup spinach
○ 1 banana
○ 1/4 cup milk (Use lesser liquid for a thicker texture- depends on your blender)


1. Place all ingredients in high-speed blender.
2. Blend for about a minute or two on high speed.
3. Pour into glass and enjoy! And save some in the fridge for later. 

Share this healthy delicious creation with family.

smoov secret: 

Feel like your body really needs the nutrients? Top off with another tsp of our green blend.

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